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Hydraulic Pressing

Hydraulic Pressing
Hydraulic Pressing
Product Code : 123
Brand Name : Scami
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Hydraulic Pressing 

Mechanical contractor maintenance & repair service & testing all hydraulic kinds of hydraulic system of industrial & spare parts sales & services
fault finding installation or recondition hydraulic pumps & motors & control valve & pressure holding valve

Refractories / Complex Ceramic Pressing

PHR 1000A, PHR 1000 B, PHR 1000D, PHR 1000E , PHR 1008, PHR1600, PHR 2000, PHR 2006, PHR 2500.

Components of A Hydraulic Cylinder:

  • There are various components that form a part of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • The various parts are the cylinder bottom, cylinder bottom connection cylinder barrel, and cylinder head. It also consists of the piston, piston rod, and the piston rod connection. And some of the hydraulic cylinders may comprise of the feet. These are used to mount the barrels.
  • The cylinder barrel is a thick tube that has to be machined from the inside. The interior of the barrel is honed or ground and in some cases both. The cylinder barrel and the bottom of the cylinder are welded together in most of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • This welding of the bottom of the cylinder to the barrel can damage the interior of the barrel. Hence, it is preferred to have the two screwed together. This type of connection will be helpful during repairs or maintenance of the cylinder barrel. On the other hand, the barrel is connected to the cylinder head with a lock.
  • There is a simple lock system used for a simple cylinder. In most of the hydraulic cylinders the flanged or screwed connections are used. The best type of connections and most expensive connections are the flanged connections. It is considered to be the best type of connection because before machining a flange is welded onto the tube.
  • The other positive aspects are that the flange is always bolted and can be removed easily when required. The disconnection process as well as the alignment process while mounting is much tougher for the bigger hydraulic cylinders. This problem in particular arises where the screw size is between hardscrem plating rod od 100 mm to 2,000 mm & barrel tube & honed tube id 75 mm to 2,500 mm .
  • There should be no bending moments implied on the hydraulic cylinder as they are applied in expansion and retraction actions. The single clevis connection with a ball bearing is considered to be the most appropriate connection, as all the above-mentioned problems do not arise.